Hermes H LOGO Economy Narrow Leather Bracelet Red/ White Design Rock Style For Girls

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Because of the soft texture and unique style, this red leather bracelet has lifted the trend of fashion and becomes the fashion must-have for girls. The wide gold-plated H logo is decorated on the bracelet, perfectly matching three circular ornaments that are embedded on the inside of the bracelet, which accurately presents the trendy style of girls.

Differ from the pearl style of Christian Dior, Hermes combines the leather with the chain to set off the outstanding taste of women, which has always been followed by many fashionable women.

The narrow red leather is studded with the gold-plated H logo that obviously contrasts to three round adornments that are decorated inside of the bracelet, very cool. One end of the leather bracelet has the circle to match the other end to lock the bracelet. The red leather has the tiny grains, which conforms to the exquisite taste and stylish style of women. The faddish design can be paired with the jacket or the skirt to reveal the women's charming charm. It has another color-white leather, presenting the different style of women.

In short, the real one is very expensive, so perhaps picking one from our store is a wise choice for you, definitely fitting your need at the lower price and good quality.

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Diamonds Without
Gender Women
Material Color Gold
Material Type Leather and 316L Steel
Product Type Bracelet
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